About us

Born in Jacksonville Beach, FL, Salty Sugar started from a simple idea to bring a more versatile and dynamic beach cover up to the market. The company quickly and organically took a life of its own and soon became a lifestyle brand featuring trendy, fun and quality products for women and girls of all shapes.

Our cover up is the heart of the company. This patent pending design is meant to allow you to easily and comfortably move throughout your day with confidence and style. Whether at the beach, exercising, playing with your children or dining out with friends, our cover up will help you fashionably transition from place to place with ease. 

We host a whole line of fun and trendy items. All of our tank and tee styles are made from super soft and cozy blended materials that have a most amazing feel combined with ultimate quality. Our styles are selected to give you choices that will fit your body style perfectly then we match these styles with fun and trendy designs to help you show your fun side!

Salty Sugar is about every woman and every body type.  

We want our designs and styles to reflect this belief.

Our ultimate goal is to build a brand that has a message.

Our Motto is "Get Salty! Be Sugar!"

What does that mean? To us it means...go live your life to its fullest! Step outside your comfort zone! Work Hard--Sweat! Set Goals--Achieve them! Don't be afraid to take risks, make mistakes, do things you wouldn't normally do! Implement Positive Change Around You! Challenge yourself to new things! BUT, most importantly...be a good person while your are doing it--do good things for yourself, for others and for our planet! Show you care-every day in every way!